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The launch of Bodywise Physical Therapy started back in 1997 in Boulder, Colorado.  Our innovative physical therapy clinic and onsite corporate setting offers gradual healing and injury prevention.  At Bodywise Physical Therapy, we are able to work with all types of sports and work-related traumas, covering anything from after-surgery rehabilitations to back and neck common types of pain and injuries.  You will get the best private care from a certified, educated physical therapist that will be committed to addressing and handling all of your specific needs and requirements at Bodywise Physical Therapy, which is unlike other similar places.  We will take the time and make sure you are completely healed to avoid any re-injury through our innovative methods that incorporate our physical and massage therapies with your hands-on participation.  More and more Arvada residents have been able to check out Bodywise Physical Therapy for our physical and massage therapies.  We’ve been able to take care of mend their sports and work-related traumas, and we can surely do the same for you!

Arvada Massage Therapy

Arvada, Colorado is a northwest suburb of Denver.  It is also just 23 miles southeast of neighboring Boulder.  This makes Arvada the ideal place to work and raise a family.  Presently, Arvada is the 9th most populous city in the state with a population of over 106,000 residents.  Arvada is also home to over 11,000 companies.  Every passing year, quite a few of Arvada’s workers and residents experience some sort of injury over the course of their life and seek out physical therapy.  When this comes about, they call Bodywise Physical Therapy, which is the best in the area.  Bodywise Physical Therapy has two suitably placed physical therapy centers; one in Westminster and the other in Boulder to better serve all of our customers.  Whether you live in or around the Arvada neighborhood, Bodywise Physical Therapy is just a not too far away.  We provide a variety of exclusive physical therapy treatment plans that will help in maximizing your body’s full healing capability, while taking into account your limited amount of time, your busy work schedule, home life, activity level, and most importantly, your personal desired goals.

Arvada Physical Therapy Center

In combination with our individual and on-site corporate physical therapy services, Bodywise Physical Therapy gives a wide-range of massage therapy and fitness and health training services.  Our therapeutic massage therapy is part of our hands on and manual method to healing.  It helps bring about fast direct healing and complete balance of the neuro-musculoskeletal systems.  It also properly deals with lots of other medical & health problems and injuries.  Ultimately, massage therapy is a terrific way to showcase typical wellness.  In truth, we constantly advise that you continue to receive our massage therapy even after the physical therapy may be done.  At Bodywise Physical Therapy, we do all of it from massage and actual physical therapy to total wellness and fitness coaching.  So whatever position your life happens to be in right now, we can always be able to help you!  Give us a call today to learn more about how Bodywise Physical Therapy can assist you.  You will find it will be the greatest thing for your body!


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