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Bodywise Physical Therapy is residing in Boulder, Colorado and was first created in 1997.  We offer our clients progressive healing and injury elimination at our revolutionary physical therapy center, together with, an on location corporate setting.  At Bodywise Physical Therapy, we work with all types of sports or work-related injuries, ranging from common types of injuries like back and neck pain to post-surgical rehabilitations.  Not like some of the other physical therapy centers you will find in the area, at Bodywise Physical Therapy you can expect to receive customized care from a certified and trained physical therapist who is devoted to handling all of your specific wants.  We will make sure you’re healed totally to help ensure that any re-injury is out of the question because of our modern tactics that combines physical and massage therapies with your active participation.  Most recently, we have had a lot more Denver residents who visited our Bodywise Physical Therapy center for our one of a kind physical and massage therapies.  We’ve been able to assist in the healing of their sports or work-related injuries.  We can assist your needs too!

Denver Massage Therapy

Denver, Colorado is just 30 miles southeast of neighboring Boulder.  This makes Denver the ideal place to work and raise a family.  Currently, Denver is the 23rd most populous U.S. city with a population of almost 620,000 residents.  Denver is also home to nearly 93,000 companies.  On a yearly basis, a lot of Denver’s hard working people and residents become injured and turn out to be in need of physical therapy.  When this happens develop, they will pick-up the phone and give Bodywise Physical Therapy a quick call.  Bodywise Physical Therapy has two hassle-free physical therapy centers that are easily located to better service our highly valued customers, one in Boulder and the other one is located in Westminster.  So whether you live in or around the Denver area, Bodywise Physical Therapy is merely a quick drive away.  We provide custom made physical therapy treatment plans to help in improving your body’s therapeutic ability, and even taking into things to consider like your busy work schedule, time, various activities, home-life, and any of your particular goals.

Denver Physical Therapy Center

Besides our on-site corporate and individual therapy services, Bodywise Physical Therapy provides a broad-range of massage therapy and physical fitness training solutions.  Our therapeutic massage therapy is part of our hands-on and manual process to healing.  It helps encourage more balance and strong healing of the neuro-musculoskeletal systems.  It also successfully handles quite a bit of other health ailments and accidental injuries.  In the end, massage therapy is the best way of promoting general wellness.  The truth is, we always recommend you to continue to receive our massage therapy even after the physical therapy has become accomplished.  At Bodywise Physical Therapy, we everything from physical and natural massage therapy to fitness and total wellness training.  It doesn't matter where your life may be at during the present because regardless we can certainly be of assistance!  To learn more about how Bodywise Physical Therapy can personally help you, phone us today.  Because you will find it will be the greatest thing you have every done for your body!


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