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Started back in 1997 in gorgeous Boulder, Colorado is Bodywise Physical Therapy.  We will provide you with intensifying healing and injury deterrence at our modern physical therapy clinic, on top of that at an on-location corporate environment.  At Bodywise Physical Therapy, we handle all varieties of sports athletic and occupation-related injuries, between after surgery rehabilitation to all-kinds of other injuries, such as discomfort in the neck and spine.  We are not like any other physical therapy center, at Bodywise Physical Therapy you can expect to continually receive the best individualized care from a certified and trained physical therapist that is knowledgeable and committed to addressing your precise desires.  We are certain you will end up being completely healed from our services and we like to ensure that any type of re-injury is out of the question as a result of our revolutionary tactics that combine our physical and massage therapies with your continued proactive involvement.  There has been an increased amount of Louisville residents who have been coming to our Bodywise Physical Therapy for our physical and massage therapies lately.  We helped assist in healing their certain type of sports athletic and occupation-related injuries, and we can help you with the similar too!

Louisville Massage Therapy

Louisville, Colorado is a northwest suburb of Denver.  It is also just 10 miles southeast of neighboring Boulder.  This makes Louisville the ideal place to work and raise a family.  Right now, Louisville has a population of almost 19,000 residents.  Louisville is also home to almost 3,000 companies.  Yearly, there have been quite a lot of Louisville’s citizens and hard workers who just happen to get injured and find the need to get some physical therapy.  When this transpires, they will give Bodywise Physical Therapy a quick phone call for assistance.  Bodywise Physical Therapy has two easy to find physical therapy centers to serve our customers so much better, one is found in Westminster while the other is in Boulder.  Whether you just happen to reside in Louisville or nearby, Bodywise Physical Therapy is just a brief drive away.  We will offer you a personalized physical therapy treatment plan that will end up make best use of your body’s healing power, while taking into factor busy work schedule, your time, hectic daily life, pastime levels, and most importantly whatever your personal goals may be.

Louisville Physical Therapy Center

In addition with our on location corporate and personal physical therapy services, Bodywise Physical Therapy also gives a wide-range of massage therapy and fitness instructional solutions.  Our therapeutic massage therapy is an integral part of our manual, hands-on approach to recovery.  It does activate a happy medium and direct contact of healing the neuro-musculoskeletal systems.  It also diligently treats quite a few other health circumstances and different incidents too.  Lastly, massage therapy is a fantastic way of promoting the best general well-being for your self.  Actually, we extremely recommend that you proceed in getting our massage therapy even with the physical therapy is all done.  At Bodywise Physical Therapy, we get it all done from actual fitness and wellness training to physical fitness and massage therapy.  So, it doesn't make any difference what level your life is at right now, we can assist your needs!  To acquire more information about what Bodywise Physical Therapy can help you with, call us today.  It’s the very best thing you can do for your entire body.


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