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Bodywise Physical Therapy was established in 1997 in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.  We offer progressive healing and injury prevention whether at our modern-day physical therapy clinic or at our on-site company setting.  At Bodywise Physical Therapy, we will work with all varieties of sports and job-related traumas and injuries, starting from post-surgery treatment to the typical type of injuries, such as spinal and neck discomfort.  Contrary to some of the other physical therapy centers in the area, at Bodywise Physical Therapy you better believe you will get outstanding one-to-one attention from a licensed physical therapist that is focused on handling your precise requirements.  We are sure you’re fully-healed and also ensure you that having the same injury again is out of the question as a result of our innovative technique that brings together our physical and massage therapies as well as your assertive participation too.  Not long ago, an increasing number of Nederland residents have already been coming into Bodywise Physical Therapy on account of our physical and massage therapies.  We’ve been in the position to treat their special sports and job-related injuries and accidents.  We can perform the same for you!

Nederland Massage Therapy

Nederland, Colorado is a northwest suburb of Denver.  It is also just 17 miles southwest of neighboring Boulder.  This makes Nederland the ideal place to work and raise a family.  Nederland has a population of over 1,300 residents.  Nederland is also home to about 425 companies.  Each and every passing year, several of Nederland’s citizens and those employed get injured and in need of some help of physical therapy.  They call up Bodywise Physical Therapy when something like this happens.  Bodywise Physical Therapy has two ideally based physical therapy centers to far better assist all of our customers.  We have one in Westminster and the other is in Boulder.  It doesn't even matter where you live, whether you are in or around the Nederland area because Bodywise Physical Therapy is just a short distance away.  We will offer a unique physical therapy plan that will optimize your body’s restorative healing potential, while taking in mind your valuable time, busy work schedule, daily home life, activity level, and most importantly, your individual goals.

Nederland Physical Therapy Center

Also, our individualized and on-location corporate physical therapy service, Bodywise Physical Therapy also delivers a range of massage therapy and fitness instruction services.  Our therapeutic massage therapy is a portion of our manual, hands on treatment to healing.  It does bring about more balancing and directing the healing of the neuro-musculoskeletal systems.  It also proficiently treats a number of other health situations and various injuries.  In summary, massage therapy is a wonderful way of encouraging general wellness.  Also, we really recommend for you to continue receiving our massage therapy even though the physical therapy has ended.  At Bodywise Physical Therapy, we do all of it from natural massage and physical therapy to wellness and fitness training.  So, it really doesn't matter what stage your life is at because we can still help!  In order to find out more about what Bodywise Physical Therapy can assist you with, you need to give us a call.  It’s the best thing you are capable of doing for your body!


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