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Bodywise Physical Therapy was started out in 1997 in beautiful area of Boulder, Colorado.  We provide ongoing healing and injury avoidance at our impressive physical therapy clinic, along with, our on-site corporate settings too.  At Bodywise Physical Therapy, we work many kinds of related sports and work injuries that tend to range from rehabilitations after surgery to common types of injuries like back and neck agony.  Unlike some neighboring physical therapy clinics, you can count on receiving the most exceptional face-to-face care from a certified and educated physical therapist that is dedicated to handling any of your specific needs or wants.  We are unique as we make sure you’re completely healed to make sure a re-injury is out of the question through our updated approach that blends our physical and massage therapies with your proactive involvement.  There has been quite a bit of Thornton locals who have been going to Bodywise Physical Therapy for our massage or physical therapies.  We’ve been able to help fix their related sports and work injuries, and we are available to do the same for you, also.

Thornton Massage Therapy

Thornton, Colorado is a northern suburb of Denver.  It is also just 22 miles southeast of neighboring Boulder.  This makes Thornton the ideal place to work and raise a family.  Currently, Thornton is the 213th most populous city in the U.S. with a population of nearly 119,000 residents.  Thornton is also home to over 4,200 companies.  As each year passes, there are a lot of Thornton’s residents and employees who become injured and are in need of physical therapy.  When this happens, they contact Bodywise Physical TherapyBodywise Physical Therapy has two conveniently located physical therapy centers to much better serve our customers; one is located in Westminster and the other is located in Boulder.  So, regardless of where ever you are living in or around Thornton, Bodywise Physical Therapy is just a brief drive.  We offer one of a kind physical therapy treatment programs that increase your body’s healing potential, while taking into consideration your time, work hours, home-life, activity levels, and most of all, your personalized goals.

Thornton Physical Therapy Center

Together with our onsite corporate and individual physical therapy services, Bodywise Physical Therapy supplies a wide range of health and fitness training and massage therapy services.  Our therapeutic massage therapy is part of our manual and hands-on technique to healing.  It can help promote steadiness and quick direct healing of the neuro-musculoskeletal systems.  It does most effectively tackle head on several other types of injuries and different health conditions.  Lastly, massage therapy is a positive way to encourage basic wellness.  The fact is, we continually propose that you continue to receive our massage therapy even after the physical therapy has become completed.  At Bodywise Physical Therapy, we do it from actual physical and massage therapy to physical fitness and wellness teaching.  Regardless of what period your life is currently at, we certainly can help!  To find out more about what Bodywise Physical Therapy is capable of doing for you, pick-up the phone and call us today.  It will for sure be the best thing you will ever do for your body!


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