There are many benefits of having physical therapy available to your employees on site.

Onsite physical therapy will:

  • Decrease overall healthcare costs
  • Decrease frequency and costs of workers’ compensation claims
  • Improve workforce productivity
  • Demonstrate a commitment to employees’ wellbeing
  • Establish goodwill with employees
  • Require no additional cost to company for these services
  • Provide documented return on investment

Onsite Physical Therapy will save you money as a result of:

  • Less out-of-office time
  • Fewer physical therapy visits – research has shown that on site care decreases the number of sessions required for healing
  • Less risk of re-injury – workers will be specifically trained at their work stations and receive exercise programs customized for their job activity
  • Greater compliance because of goodwill generated by having Bodywise on site
  • Quicker return to work for injured employees
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