Injury Prevention

Bodywise uses a four-pronged approach to help prevent injury:

Early Screening – Our therapists are available to screen employees when musculoskeletal symptoms such as headaches, low back pain, shoulder pain, etc. are first noticed. With one visit to the work site, we can recommend simple modifications and educate employees on posture and body mechanics to remedy the problem. This early intervention approach can significantly reduce frequency and severity of claims and avoid productivity loss.

Stretching Program – Working on site, Bodywise can also identify at-risk workers and provide preventive treatment so that their problems do not develop into costly workers’ compensation claims. Most musculoskeletal problems are relatively easy to correct through posture and body mechanics training, ergonomic changes, directed manual therapy and task-specific exercises. Mild injuries become more serious when people postpone treatment. By being on site, Bodywise can identify the people who need treatment and can prevent minor problems from becoming costly major injuries.

Educational Presentations – We offer presentations to new and existing employees, reviewing general principles of anatomy, posture and body mechanics to help improve sitting, bending and lifting activities of specific job tasks. Our interactive, educational process empowers your employees to take charge of their own health by establishing good habits.

Ergonomic Assessment – We perform individual ergonomic evaluations of employees’ work stations and provide helpful tips, taking into account the individual employee’s strengths and deficits (e.g., lifting strategies for someone with existing knee problems.)

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