Why Onsite

Regardless of your size, at some point your company will have employees who are injured on the job. Musculoskeletal injuries such as low back pain, sprains/strains, headaches, etc. are rampant in the workplace. These injuries cost companies $60 billion a year. Many workers’ injuries are not severe enough for them to take action, but research has shown that on average, these workers lose 4.6 hours a week of productive time due to these conditions.

With Onsite Physical Therapy, we come to your business and provide our Physical Therapy services in your work setting. This means that your injured employees will have immediate access to care, without having to leave the workplace. Research has shown that the sooner injuries are addressed, the faster the employee will recover.

Working on site, Bodywise can also identify at-risk workers and provide preventive treatment so that their problems do not develop into costly workers’ compensation claims. Most musculoskeletal problems are relatively easy to correct through posture and body mechanics training, ergonomic changes, directed manual therapy and task-specific exercises. Mild injuries become more serious when people postpone treatment. By being on site, Bodywise can identify the people who need treatment and can prevent minor problems from becoming costly major injuries.

The goal of providing Onsite PT is to:

  • Treat existing work-related injuries more efficiently and effectively
  • Identify and treat high risk employees to avoid future costly workers compensation claims
  • Implement cost saving injury prevention programs to avoid work site injury altogether

Bottom line: Proactive, preemptive care will dramatically decrease costs by reducing employees’ time out of the office, reduce the severity of injuries thereby reducing the cost of care, and increase overall productivity.

Getting Started

Implementing an Onsite PT program is quick and easy and there is no cost to the company.We simply need a space on your premises where we can evaluate and treat your workers. In addition, we’ll want access to your workforce so that we can communicate the services we offer. We are a self-contained business, perform all of our own insurance billing, are fully insured and will communicate directly with workers’ compensation doctors and insurance companies to ensure the best care for your people.

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