DEADLIFTS: Your New Best friend!! image

Why the Deadlift Should be Your New Best Friend…

Do you have poor posture? Pain in your lower back? Weak hips? Lack of energy?

The deadlift is one of the most effective exercises for developing pure strength and athleticism. With proper form and technique, it can help improve your posture, decrease your back pain and increase your overall strength and power. The deadlift is one of the few exercises that targets the entire posterior chain and challenges it to work in coordination rather than isolating its components making it an excellent functional motion.


Just Remember…….


Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Keep feet hip width apart, grip the bar just beyond your legs
  • Maintain an overhand grip with wrists neutral
  • Keep your back flat, maintaining a neutral spine- do not let it round over
  • Keep your shoulders down and back with lats engaged
  • The bar should stay in contact with your legs throughout the motion

Things to AVOID:

  • Don’t let your hips drop too low- keep them between your head and your knees
  • Don’t let you spine round over- think about driving the floor away from your body as you stand up
  • Don’t jerk the weight off the ground, take up the slack, fully engage and lift with control
  • Keep the bar in a straight line from floor to hips
  • Don’t overextend your hips in the full extended stance

Author Halley Tollner, DPT, one of Bodywise PT’s finest, has been treating as a Licensed Physical Therapist for about five years. Check out her bio in the ‘Our Team’ page under “About Us” on the home screen.