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You bought all the balls and the bands and the rollers and the squeezers and it still hurts! At first you thought you had golfer’s elbow, then a rotator cuff strain, then a meniscus tear and now you think you might have cancer……Dr. Google has got you all over the board and you have no idea what to do next!

Time to see a physical therapist!

Seeking help from a physical therapist is never a bad idea but is an especially good one when that lingering tweak or sore spot just won’t go away and it’s been a week or two without change or possibly even worsening symptoms. Because Colorado is a direct access state, most insurance companies do not require you to see a primary care provider before seeking help from a licensed PT so you can see us directly without referral. We are happy to verify your insurance benefits if needed once you call to schedule your first appointment.

You can expect your initial exam to include a history of symptoms and their current state, assessment of posture, joint mechanics and joint position, a movement analysis screen, and a series of orthopedic tests leading to the development of a treatment plan in conjunction with your personal goals and objectives. Then, in your follow up visits, you can typically expect a combination of manual therapy techniques and therapeutic exercises to progress your rehab and return to optimal function.

To get the most out of your session, be an active participant in the process! Pay attention to your body and how it feels through sessions and between them. Keep open communication with your therapist and follow aftercare instructions to the best of your ability for the best response. And remember to be patient; sometimes it takes time to correct underlying dysfunctional movement patterns that may be leading to these chronic ailments. Together, we will get you back up and moving and where you want to be!

Written by:

Halley Tollner

Physical Therapist

Certified Nutrition Coach